Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Double Dragon Ale

I am really, really going to try and not make silly video game references in this post although I must say I got a laugh out of the name of this ale. It has nothing to do with the game though, this brewery has been around since 1878 so no longer require the 'ironic funny brew names' that so many upstarts find necessary.

This is a good ale, although its a bit tame at 4.2% abv it has ample flavor to it. Taking the chance at sounding like a 'beer snob' I would like to remark on the amount of hops in this beer is obviously a good amount. There is just a slight malty flavor to Double Dragon that makes it less bitter than most ales, actually less bitter than most beer in general. Double Dragon is what I call a 'meal beer' as it goes well with most foods and doesn't have an overpowering taste of alcohol or strong aftertaste. This is not a beer I would buy by the case due to its price, but it is a good way to start the night. Recommended!


leary said...

hell yeah sears, good blog. how bout we meet up once a week and drink a special bomber? no power drink sessions unless no worky next day. seriously lets do it.

matt said...

this can definitely be arranged. send me a text and we can grab a beer, or you can come by since I have a shit ton right now.

leary said...

cool, lets do it next week. going to st louis either tonight or tomorrow if marissa stops being such a nag (ha). i got a bunch too. it'll be cool to engage in pure beer snobbery with someone else.