Friday, February 22, 2008

Goose Island Brew Pub

I only recently started chipping away at the Goose Island beer list instead of periodically just drinking their standard beers. I have been quite impressed with what they have to offer in their seasonal and limited brews. Here you see me drinking one of their Oatmeal Stouts that I had previously reviewed in bottle form, needless to say it is even better on tap.

The burgers at Goose Island are pretty good too, especially with a nice hearty beer. I went across the street and picked up some Goose Island Bourbon County Grand Stout after dinner, mainly because it was $10 to get one at the bar! If you have never had their bourbon stout, it is incredible and you should pick it up when you see it since it can be scarce. At $20 a 4 pack though it is a steep price to pay, but it really is one of the better beers I have ever had. I will be writing something up for it tonight or tomorrow.

Back to the pub- It is a little yuppie, which cannot be helped because of the neighborhood it is in, but the service is excellent. Food and drink always arrive quickly and in good amounts which makes up for the slightly expensive prices you have to pay. Paying for a premium is fine though when what you receive back is good food, excellent service and a great beer list to take a stab at.


Monty said...

Where's Goose Island?

Matt said...

You are really plowing through some beer this month. Keep up (well, maybe not at this pace) the work. After I started my blog I think my palate really changed for the good for all foods and drinks. It is a fun hobby.

matt said...

Monty- Goose Island is in Chicago, little more than walking distance from my house. Pretty decent beer there, I was drinking the oatmealt stout from their kegs. Delicious.

Matt- Yeah you will see a slow down once I have something to do outside. I drink more than I should when its been 120 days of no sun. Thanks for the nice comment!