Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Belgium 2° Below Winter Ale

This stuff tastes like Christmas. I think by this point I can spot a roasted malt rather than your every day malt, which is cool. I have learned a lot about beer since I started this blog, I am kind of scared to read my first posts over again! Anyway, I taste something like the juxtaposition of caramel and cinnamon in this beer which make it a bitter yet sweet drink. I would say this is a 'fireplace ale' for those days when the cold just won't leave your bones. I have been cranky as hell this month, mainly because its still around ten degrees in mid February, but 2° Below Winter Ale is lifting my spirits as I write this. Very recommended, it's a shame its going to be hard to come by shortly, since spring is close (everywhere except Chicago).

Someone was telling me this stuff was hard to get past the Mississippi. Any of my blog buddies want some let me know, I'm sure we can work something out. You will also have to instruct me how to ship beer without it exploding. I am a noob at this kind of thing you know!

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