Friday, February 8, 2008

BrouCzech Lager

'BrouCzech is a true traditional lager. Handmade the same way since 1872, using the original 3-step brewing method. Medium golden color, natural head, rich hoppy and malty aroma with a light hint of sweetness leaves a very pleasant aftertaste. '

Trader Joe's sells this as BrouCzech Lager so I will henceforth refer to it as that, since that is where I purchased this odd tasting beer. In the Czech Republic it goes by 'Nova Paka Kumburak'.

The first drink of BrouCzech is much like any other Czech Beer- light bodied, slightly bitter with a nice white fluffy head. Then the aftertaste hits you and ruins the entire experience. Think back to when you were a kid and stuck a penny in your mouth for the first time. That metallic, acidic and completely alien taste is exactly what your mouth tastes like after drinking this beer. I don't think it would even been nearly as bad if it had been expected, but the beer itself tastes just fine so the aftertaste feels more like a trap sprung when it hits you.

There is a curse at the brewery that makes BrouCzech and it has doomed an otherwise good beer to make your mouth taste like you have been sucking on a handful of loose change. Such a bummer guys, such a bummer. Not Recommended.

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