Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lost Coast Indica IPA

This beer isn't on the Lost Coast website for some reason, so no blurb in italics this time!

The bartender at Kuma's recommended this to me with some enthusiasm so Kristina took a picture on her phone and I broke out the notepad. The guy on the right does not approve.

On to the beer- Indica has a few things going for it that sets it apart from most IPA's. Most Pale Ales focus on either orange or lemon when it comes to citrus zest, Indica eschews this for a slightly sour taste from what I assume was grapefruit. I thought this was a nice touch, but I like grapefruit more than most people.

When I poured this beer I noticed it has a foamy/sticky head to it that screamed hops. In reality Indica has a fairly standard level of bitterness but some of that might have been masked by how prevalent the yeast is in this brew, which was my main gripe with it. There really is quite a bit of yeast in Indica, which likes to linger in the aftertaste. Not so great when you are eating a meal, but it wasn't too bad when enjoying the beer by itself.

I liked Indica IPA for how unique it was but left thinking it could have been better if it only had less yeast in it. I know yeast is a necessary ingredient in beer and all that but there is a point where it overpowers your taste buds. After two Indicas, I was ready to move on to something a little lighter. I think Indica would be a great way to start the night, or early afternoon in this case, before moving on to a lager or an ale less taxing on the tongue. Good stuff.

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