Monday, June 16, 2008

Goose Island Summertime

'Kolsch, the clean and refreshing beer style of Cologne, Germany, quenches summertime thirst. This pale golden ale with a lightly fruity aroma is cold-conditioned or lagered after its primary fermentation. More simply, our Summertime uses only the finest malts and German hops to create the perfect beer for hot Summer days and warm Summer nights.'

I think I prefer a wheat beer over this style of beer, but this was pretty good. Lots of fruit and bubbles made it a bit on the feminine side for me, but not every beer has to put hair on your chest now does it? I made sure to drink this stuff on a nice hot, sunny, humid day and it certainly was just as refreshing as advertised.

After drinking a few of these I felt like moving on to something a little more substantial. Goose Island Summertime is a nice summer distraction but a beer I don't see myself picking up with any consistency. It is definitely time to bring on the seasonal beers! I feel a theme coming on...

Musical Pairing: Boston- Boston (as far as dumb summer rock records go, this is the best)


Anonymous said...

I think I would like to try this stuff, as it is summer and I have enough hair on my chest as it is.

matt said...

It isn't very expensive. standard GI prices for a sixer. Last tiem I went to the brewpub on Clybourn it was on tap and a special that day. On tap it is even more carbonated than in bottles, which was a little much.

Not a bad beer.