Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Point Cascade Pale Ale

'Point Cascade Pale Ale is handcrafted combining special top-fermenting yeast and a dry hopping process to create this truly classic American Pale Ale. The intriguing character is derived from generous quantities of the choicest Yakima Valley Cascade hops and the finest crystal, 2 row pale, and Munich malts. The result is a delicious American Pale Ale with a signature fragrant hop bouquet and soft malt palate. ' From

At the price point of $5.99 I can honestly say I wasn't expecting much, which is good because I didn't get much in return. Point Cascade Pale Ale is the most bare bones pale ale to ever touch my taste buds. Fizzy body, ever so slightly hoppy with a good chunk of malt at the finish line. Point took no chances with Cascade Pale Ale and it really shows. What you get with this beer is a standard pale ale with no bells and whistles, perfect for its middle of the road price point.

Maybe I am being a bit too hard on this beer. I put away three of them with ease and was fairly satisfied. Maybe mediocre just isn't enough for me anymore. I could see throwing a few of these in a cooler full of lager to add a little flavor to the rotation. If you aren't into hoppy beers I might recommend this beer as a gateway into the hop kingdom. Not much gets done in the hop kingdom and we are all fairly overweight, but its a nice place to visit!

Musical pairing: Bad Company- Straight Shooter (although enjoyable, its color by numbers rock n roll)


Generik420 said...

I just pawned the last 2 bottles of a 12-pack of Point Cascade Pale Ale on my dad this past weekend. It's 'not bad'.. but it is a bit lacking for the more refined beer palate. I actually think it is one of the most mediocre offerings from Point. If you are up to it, I would definitely recommend the Point White Ale, a Belgian wit style. Very good for a $6/six pack.

matt said...

Thanks man I will pick some of that up sometime soon. This beer definitely didn't do it for me, but the regular Point is fairly decent.