Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two Brother's Brew Pub 07/11/08

It's Andy's Birthday! Well, it was at least and I was not going to argue with him when he offered to rent a car and drive to Warrenville to go to a brew pub! So we all hopped in the car and went on a suburban adventure, would you like to join us?

This is the main entrance to Two Brother's Brew Pub. Yeah I know it is connected to the brewery in an industrial park, we knew that going in, but you can't help but think to yourself 'that's it?'. Sadly the facade wasn't the only thing that felt half assed about this brew pub, but we will get to that later.

There is a nice viewing window where you can check out the goings on in the brewery itself. Too bad not much is stirring on a Friday night but I always like to have a nice view of a breweries operation. Its neat, if you will.

The rest of the interior felt slapped together though, which I didn't take pictures of. This isn't an architecture blog so lets move on to the beer!

You guys could give a shit about bare walls and exposed plumbing.

American Bitter Ale- This is only sold at the brew pub so I of course honed in on this brew as soon as the menu was in my hands. I am a total sucker for limited and brew pub only beers.

The naming of this beer is misleading as it really isn't very bitter by ale standards, at least my ale standards. Maybe my hop scared friends would enjoy this beer a bit more but I found it to be bland, watery and over carbonated. What little hoppiness there is to be found is in the finish instead of hitting you right away.

This beer didn't really have much of a chance as my expectations were high to begin with. When you have been planning to go to the Two Brothers brew pub for a good part of six months that is what happens I suppose. I would rate this beer as decent. The $4 price tag wasn't bad either.

Ebel's Weiss- Andy Recommended that I give this beer a whirl even though it isn't 'my style'. I am trying to train my taste buds to enjoy the entire spectrum of beer (except Lambic, which I will forever despise) so why the hell not?

If you order this you better appreciate vanilla and lemon in your ale not mention the pairing of the two. I found it to be overly sweet which made Ebel's Weiss a bit of a chore for me to drink. Something I will revisit once my palate gets used to the sugar assault that this style of brew unleashes upon you.

This is the part of the review where I talk about how this beer was obviously well crafted and uses tons of quality ingredients to get the job done. Definitely something I would recommend to a buddy with more of a sweet tooth than I. Maybe in a few months I will do a one off about this fella instead of this cop out of a review.

Cane and Ebel 'Live Beer'- An English style Cask Beer that definitely caught my eye as I have never had one before. Once again, sucker for limited beers.

Amy (Andy's lady friend) made a great remark about this beer when she said 'its like a beer milkshake'. The lack of carbonation definitely made this beer taste thicker and made it slower to pour. I felt as if the beer was full of minerals myself, which also conjured the thought of sediment in a slow flowing river.

If that makes this beer sound unappealing then I apologize. This was actually very good although it wasn't something I would order with any frequency as it was not a smooth drinker.

If anything made this trip worth it then it was the Cane and Ebel Live. Definitely check it out if you are in the neighborhood.

You probably have picked up an overall sense of disappointment from this blog post so far. The main reason for this is something I have yet to touch upon- the food. Two Brothers makes some great beer, there is no denying that, but a brew pub can't get away just serving quality beer if it has poor food. The menu at Two Bros looked appetizing enough but the end result was just plain bad.

Burgers that looked like charcoal they were so burnt, runny mac and cheese and floppy french fries made for four bummed out customers. Yes, the beer was excellent, but the in house options weren't enough to bring me out a second time.


Andy said...

Here's my Yelp review of this place, I gave it 2/5. I wish I liked this place much more than I did, but man did they disappoint.

I went here for my birthday dinner this past Friday and I can't say I was all. I'm a pretty big fan of Two Brothers beer and enjoy picking up their stuff in the city, I guess I'll save some gas money and drink their beer in the comfort of my living room.

This place is buried in an industrial park and from the outside it looks like a warehouse office. There were no signs pointing to the restaurant and the only way we found it was because their trucks were out in front. We walked in and my first thought was "who farted?" There was this very odd smell that couldn't have been from the brewery, but needless to say it didn't really go away until we were out of the restaurant.

We sat down and I constantly had to flag our waiter to get beer / order food. Kinda annoying I must say. We started off with some appetizers that were pretty good and filling, along with the "Live" Cane & Ebel which I was stoked about. It was 10 minutes after we finished our appetizers when our waiter came fumbling around and I eventually made eye contact with him and we placed our order. I had a burger that was overly blackened, our friends had watery mac & cheese, and my GF had a burger that was even more blackened than my burger, if it was even possible. As well, the portions were rather small. Not cool Ebels, not cool at all.

If you're a beer enthusiast please go out of your way to try out Three Floyd's in Indiana. It's buried in an industrial park like Two Bros but does a much better job to please its patrons. If you live in or around Warrenville, Two Brothers is a cool place to go to after work for a great beer and an appetizer, but don't stay for'll regret it.

Matt said...

I enjoy their beers and hopefully can make it up there sometime to at least check it out.

Andy said...

Maybe we can coax my cousin into driving us again!

matt said...

That was a different Matt! But yeah, lets get Mike to drive us to Three Floyds or lets take the train to Flossmoor and give them a second opinion.

-Matt (Sears)