Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goose Island 10/12/08

Hey Guys, hows it going? I know I haven't been posting much, sorry about that. I have been 'busy' writing and playing Warhammer Online. Lame, I know. Last weekend myself, Kristina, Ben and Chad tried to go to Kuma's Corner to have some incredible burgers but they had a TWO HOUR wait. So we opted to go to Goose Island, a choice I was of course pleased with. Ben and I bought some pitchers and he took some photos with his I-Phone. This is going to be a bare bones post, but at least its something!

'Liquid Inspiration Stout 5.9% ABV
Trying to think of a name for the new brew on the eve of the beer premiere, our pub brewer opened a bottle of Goose Island Summertime for “liquid inspiration” and behold the name was born. An “American-style” Stout, with medium malt sweetness, a moderate hop bitterness but, with high hop flavor and aroma. Served in a Pint glass.'


What is it about stouts that make them taste better in the fall and winter? Right now Chicago is enjoying the two week window we get in between Summer and Winter and this stout definitely did the trick. Liquid Inspiration might be a little thinner than most stouts but it is chock full of the nutty flavors you would expect. Not the most artistic stout on the market, or even on Goose Island's menu, but it is a great beer for the Fall transition. This pitcher went fast and was pretty cheap at $12 (I think, might have been $14).

'Harvest Ale 5.7% ABV
As summertime fades, the sun shines less bright, and evening comes a little sooner. Harvest time arrives – it’s a time to reap the benefits of a great summer. Fresh picked cascade hops from Washington and the richest Midwestern malts makes Goose Island Harvest Ale an extra special beer worthy of your devotion. Served in a Pint glass.'

I am not an 'ESB guy' but sometimes the mood strikes me for one. Actually, that has been happening a lot lately so maybe next year you will see me waving the ESB flag around like I did for IPAs earlier this year. Who knows what I will do next, I am an idiot.

This beer has some sticky, sticky hops to it that either make it or break it for you. I found it appealing but I know Ben didn't like how this beer basically sucked all of the moisture out of your mouth. I can tolerate that, but it kind of was hard to get through a pitcher of this stuff. I would follow this beer up with something lighter and more 'refreshing' if I was at home, but the two of us had drank a pitcher each on a Sunday afternoon so it was hard to fit more beer inside us. I find the Harvest Ale to have an earthy, herb(y?) taste to it that almost feels as if it should be healthy or something.

Oh yeah, those are shot glasses you see too. We got hammered! Actually, we did. I think we drank until two AM or so. If you own a white minivan on the south side and you woke up monday morning to find your back bumper with puke all over it, that was Ben. Sorry for that, I feel responsible.


Anonymous said...

I think I did a pretty good job of not getting it on the bumper. I used the van for balance.

Generik420 said...

I am glad to see that I am not the only one that has neglected blogging about beer due to playing Warhammer Online.

Sounds like you guys had a great night. Wish they had a brewpub down here in Indy as good as the Goose.

matt said...

Which server are you on, if you don't mind me asking.

Hochland RVR Destruction for me.

Generik420 said...

I am on Vortex. It's the equivalent of a PVE server, but I can't recall what WAR calls that. I am currently rolling a rank 17 Marauder and a rank 11 shaman with a few odds and ends in there as well.