Monday, February 18, 2008

Goose Island 312

'Like the digits suggest, it's a beer that's densely populated with flavor and loaded with character. We don't filter it, so none of its life and soul is stripped away. The first thing you notice is the hazy, cloudy appearance. That’s how you know it’s unfiltered. What hits you next is the spicy aroma of Cascade hops, followed by the crispy, fruity ale flavor delivered in a smooth, creamy body, the result of blending barley malt with torrified wheat. It’s not like any other Goose Island Beer, but no less that you’d expect'

Although not the best beer that Goose Island makes, this is one of the better wheat beers I have had. There is some citrus going on here to counteract the bland taste most wheat beers but it isn't like a lambic or anything. This stuff is easy enough to drink, but its nothing I could drink in excess as the sweetness starts to build up after a few bottles. It pours a milky yellow that looks like lemonade with a bright white head which fades rather quickly. Not the prettiest beer, but that doesn't mean it isn't tasty.
I would enjoy this more if it wasn't one of the more boring beers in the Goose Island stable, even though it is much better than most wheat beers. I guess since I am using this arbitrary rating system now I would give it a 3.25 out of 5. Thats a luke warm recommendation, although I do want to bump this up a notch because it comes in very affordable 12 packs. I personally couldn't sit down and drink 12 of these in a sitting though, but they are a great 'starter beer'. You know what I mean. Recommended.

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