Monday, February 18, 2008

San Miguel Premium Lager

'A truly satisfying beer with a refined, well-balanced flavor. First brewed in 1890 under Spanish Royal Grant and enjoyed for over a century'

Is there any beer in the world that tastes the same it did 100 years ago? I call bullshit on that! It seems every brewery that has been around over a decade brags about how long people have been drinking it. Also I never knew San Miguel Premium Lager was from the Phillipines before my girlfriend pointed it out to me. I had always assumed it was from Spain or Portugal or even South America. She would know, I think she was born there. Who pays attention to that kind of stuff? Oh, you are expecting a beer review. Here goes.

San Miguel pours a very fluffy white head that dissipates pretty quickly. The carbonation in general of this beer goes pretty fast, so it's not a beer that you let sit out for long. Yes, its another beer for quick consumption and getting drunk. Fairly bitter with plenty of hops in the flavor that make it have a bit of an 'herb' aftertaste. Good stuff, definitely better than most Asian Macro brews which usually taste like malt liquor. I am happy that this beer isn't too heavy on the malt, I have had a lot of very malty beers recently and am enjoying the change of pace here.

There is nothing that makes this a 'Premium Lager' but as far as cheap import beers go its not bad like the hundreds of crappy lagers coming out of Poland or Mexico. I really need to start some rating system here on a 1-5 here instead of just 'recommended' and 'not recommended'. I would give San Miguel Premium Lager a 3.5-3.75, which falls under 'recommended'. No exclamation point this time, this stuff is just decent.

I have noticed that the pricing of this beer is a little iffy- some places sell it for the $5-6 range of standard imported beers and some at the $7-8 premium imported beer price. Needless to say, pay the cheaper price if you can.


kristina said...

i wasn't born there moron

matt said...

oh well, looks like I can't call INS on you when you break up with me like I had planned.

Anonymous said...

I see bottles of this stuff all over on my way to the train, there is no way that this can be good if the homeless people of logan square are drinking it as much as it seems they are.