Saturday, February 9, 2008

Goose Island Kilgubbin Red Ale

Kilgubbin was the name of a neighborhood that later became Cabrini-Green in Chicago. The Irish neighborhood was known as 'little hell' and actually wasn't very far from Goose Island itself. It was in fact a center for bootlegging during prohibition, and lots of murder. I can walk there from my apartment... but yeah its Cabrini-Green now so I am going to have to pass on that.

Kilgubbin the beer is one of Goose Island's flagship beers. I bought this particular sixer at the grocery store by my house, less than a mile from the neighborhood it was named after. This beer looks perfectly amber with a nice off white head that settles in after about a minute or so. This beer has almost no aroma to it which is rather strange since it has plenty of flavor. Slightly bitter, slightly sweet with some caramel flavoring in there. A complex beer that goes down rather smoothly even though I can taste almost no malt whatsoever, which is odd. It is also a good winter beer, which is really hitting the spot on a day like today. Recommended!

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