Sunday, February 10, 2008

Half Acre Lager

I purchased this beer because it has Chicago, Il written all over it so I assumed it was actually brewed here. But if you look on the back you find out Sand Creek Brewing Co. in Wisconsin! I haven't even drank the thing and I already feel ripped off, I paid $9 for this six pack because I thought I was supporting a local brewery!

Then I drink the beer and the feeling that I have been swindled really starts to sink in. This beer is the worst beer I have drank since my Shakparo experiment. I think they were trying to make this beer of the sickly sweet belgium variety but it ends up tasting like orange peels and yeast. Orange peels and yeast at $9 a six pack. This beer smells bad, has a sticky head and really has absolutely nothing good going for it. Not recommended whatsoever!


halfacrebeer said...

Beer Philistine, you’ve destroyed our week, and the likelihood that we’ll continue at all….. However, I felt it only right that I respond to some of your comments.
1. You're right, we are brewed with the help of Sand Creek Brewing Co in Black River Falls, WI. Thanks to them we were able get our company and first beer off the ground. It's tough to start a brewery; you should try it sometime. Having some friends that have managed to get their brewery off the ground before us help to brew your beer while you do the same thing is a common practice in the industry and a method of start up that has brought many great brewing companies to fruition. Uncovering this dirty, little secret is damaging, at best.
2. Being Local. We went back and forth on this one as we recognize the fact that we only formulate recipes and brew small batches in Chicago, while our production comes out of WI. The truth is that having only Black River Falls, WI or Chicago, IL on our materials wouldn't be accurate. We do brew in WI, but live in Chicago, run our company in Chicago and sell out beer only in Chicago, at the same places that we patronize. Mainly, we plan on building our brewery here at home, so putting forth our hometown, where we eventually do everything, only made sense. The great thing is: if you read the side of the 6-pack (or our website) it tells you all this. This way we try to avoid the "swindling" process, but I can imagine your fright when you read the side of the bottle and uncovered the hoax. Being a "Beer Philistine," is dangerous and important work. I'm sure many applaud your efforts.
3. The beer itself. I'm picking up that you didn't like it. On behalf of our entire staff: We're deeply sorry. We had the intention of creating a beer that the entire planet would enjoy, leaving every last soul touched with its glory. However, now that you've introduced the idea that not everyone would like this beer, we've sort of taken to it. I guess it allows for diversity and varied opinion and the enjoyment of contrast.
As for the $9 you spent on that horrible 6 pack filled with lies and bad beer. We’ll make a deal with you: If you come to our headquarters at 2041 W. Carroll Ave ste C407A right here in Chicago, we’ll give you back your $9. I’m sure you busy, but squeeze in the time and feel the redemption of that horrible experience.

All The Best,

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

matt said...

This made my week! Its great to have a brewery google themselves then come on your blog (which is the eighth item down) and get in this much of a rage! Well maybe not a rage, that was some well written stuff there I am sure would not be possible in that state of mind.

I wouldn't worry too much about my blog affecting your sales much, I average around 40 hits a day many of which are from people hitting 'random blog' on blogger I am sure.

And the thing that sucks about the internet era is idiots like myself can spout all kinds of hateful opinions about your beer, something you might want to get used to.

anton said...

I'm mainly just pissed because beer sucks. I suppose it's not as shitty as wine or something, at least there's no pretentious snobbery to go along with it. However, I'm sure this beer sucks more than the others do though. Keep up the good work Sears.

And I just wanted to let you know that my word verification was "luwgz", which is what I'm going to spit in your beer next time I'm at your house.

Matt said...

Wahh I'm angry because yeast makes alcohol, not librarians! Cool that a brewery made a personal response but holy shit they offered to give you your money back, why the fuck don't you take them up on it? Frame the 9$ as your first genuine milemarker in your pro beer reviewing career.

Anonymous said...

yeah sears i'd def go get my money back and buy something better.. canoe up the river these chodes cried all the way to your blog.


anton said...

Wait, I just got accused of being a whiny baby by a libertarian?

Seriously, the only good thing about libertarians, is that it's spelled almost the same way as librarians.