Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sprecher Mai Bock

'This traditional springtime lager is aged throughout the cold winter months to develop its robust character. Additional dry-hopping gives this blonde bock a distinctive flowery aroma and a crisp hop flavor.'

Not the best of nights for me as far as tasting new beer. I probably shouldn't even be talking about this beer because I have never had a Mai Bock that I enjoyed before, this one included. It isn't a bad beer and I am sure that people who enjoy the style will love it but Bocks always taste antiquated and strange. Its like sipping something that has been in a cask since the middle ages, dust and all. I think that Gruit might have tasted a little like a bock. Look up Gruit on wikipedia if you dont know what it is, its kind of like a beer stew.

I found this beer passable but not terrible by any means. It certainly wasn't boring and it was neat to taste a sweet beer that didn't have much of a fruity flavor to it. There is also an understated herb taste to it that I did appreciate. Beers like this give me the impression that you will have to develop a taste for them to truly enjoy them, but thats not something I have the patience for. So yeah, worst review of anything ever, but I still didn't like it. Not recommended.

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