Friday, February 29, 2008

Lone Star

'Born and brewed in Texas, Lone Star helps keep the culture alive by supporting today's Texas musicians, outdoorsmen and everybody's friend, the Armadillo. When it comes to great beer for life and the way we live it down here, Lone Star really is PURE. TEXAN. BEER.'

I noticed I was getting a little too high brow in this blog, time to go back to my roots with some good old American cheap beer. So I bought some beer which is proud to be from Texas, damn proud.

This stuff is pretty easy to drink, as long as you don't let it start to warm at all. I doubt the clientele that purchases this beer is drinking it through snifters after letting it 'sit' though, so no worries there. It is very similar to a lot of the Milwaukee brewed budget beers with some slight differences. Most noticably there is less sugar and more hops in Lone Star than you would expect. I came into this entry expecting another 'soda beer' with high amounts of carbonation and processed sugar and I was happy when that was not the case. It still isn't good, but it is better than I expected.
But god... as soon as this stuff isn't ice cold it is awful. It nosedives from 'decent' to 'drain pour' in about fifteen minutes, so drink it fast. Maybe thats the idea after all- drink ten of these real fast then kick the shit out of the guy next to you, that sounds like the Texas I know. I'm pretty split on this beer so I am not going to recommend it. There are better cheap beers out there for you to spend little money on.

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