Thursday, February 28, 2008

Miller Lite Brewer's Collection Wheat

I am pretty surprised how well well this wheat beer takes to being 'lite'. Most lower calorie beers have that overwhelming flatness, I think the natural flavor of a wheat beer masks that very well. I like this much more than I exprected to, this has been kicking around in my beer crisper for over a month now. I have picked it up a few times but put it away each time and selected something I assumed would be more flavorful. Like the other Craft Lite collection beers I have reviewed this beer takes no chances with the formula like a micro brewery would attempt. A little bit of lemon zest hides behind the mild grainy body which is somewhat watery for a wheat. This stuff tastes a lot more authentic than the other beers in the craft collection somehow, the flavors seem a lot less forced and artificial.

I wonder what price point this will be sold at when it hits stores. If they market this stuff as a premium beer then I would pass on this and go for something a little more affordable, but 'Wheat' could be a good filler beer if it ends up fairly cheap (if it comes out at all). I can only hope for a future where more interesting and tasty beers like this will be available at baseball parks instead of your standard Miller or Bud Lite. Recommended (for what it is).
And Miller, lose those god awful labels!

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