Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Samuel Adams Longshot Grape Pale Ale

This beer is just as vile and wrong as you assume it tastes. I mean grape pale ale? Who the fuck thinks of this stuff? Apparently a woman in Hawaii does and concocted this disgusting brew, probably while cackling over a cauldron stirring in toad eyes and cigarette butts. Longshot Grape Pale Ale tastes like there is a stale piece of chewed grape gum floating around the bottom of the bottle of an already shitty beer. It did not get better.

Samuel Adams obviously had the best of intentions when they released this homebrew, but they have opened Pandora's box when they decided to go grape. This stuff did not need to happen, let alone be mass produced for a consumer market expected to spend money on it! No one should buy this, even though it is packaged with a beer that is not nearly as harmful. It really is that horrible. Don't even try it, no matter how curious you are!