Sunday, February 17, 2008

Murphy's Stout

This stuff pours dark red and then black, which kind of is weird to me. Look at it in the light when you pour one of these, its pretty cool. Dry but sweet, Murphy's is definitely a go to beer when you are looking for a safe bet. I think I could drink this stuff by the keg if it were more affordable, which it isn't sadly at $8 a four pack. The sweet aftertaste is the most noticeable factor in your buying decision here, even though it isn't too intense.

Lots of foam in the head much like some other Irish stout (cough Guinness cough) although it isn't nearly as thick. This is good stuff for fans of imported stouts who are looking to root for the underdog, but it has little going for it that Guiness does not. I hear its the Protestants choice, but that should only matter if you are a complete violent lunatic. I enjoyed this beer and you will probably as well, but don't expect to have your mind blown. Still recommended!

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Stephen said...

the last paragraph is so funny. me and sova were dying.