Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout

When I first poured Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout I thought to myself 'this stuff looks beatiful'. Like oil this beer looks like it could sprout from the earth itself, ready to be bottled and drank by the likes of myself. The head on this beer is so dense that at first I could barely smell the beer itself, but once that had worn off this stuff was pungent indeed.

This stout is about as subtle as a sledgehammer, which is partially due to its high alcohol content at 7%. After a rough day at the office a glass of this stuff is definitely loosening me up for the night. Samuel Smith's is very dry with a slightly nutty aftertaste. This is definitely a beer to be appreciated by itself as it would not go well with many foods. Samuel Smith's tastes like the definition of stouts, it is exactly what many stouts try to be but fail. Great beer. Expensive Beer. Recommended for those who have the pennies.

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