Wednesday, February 13, 2008


There is an incredible amount of hype and history that comes with Czechvar, or Budweiser Budvar as it is known abroad. I will not bore you with history lessons or give you some beer purist rant against Anheuser Busch. I will drink it it though, and enjoy every drop.

This is one of the most perfected lagers I have ever tasted. There is a difference between perfected and perfect though, but that line is very thin. My main gripe with Czechvar, like with TsingTao, is that it is hard to find a bottle of this stuff that isnt skunky. Blame the green bottle, importation, or a number of reasons but this stuff goes bad and fast. When you can grab a good six pack of this it is an extremely flavorful and refreshing lager. Perhaps one of the best lagers I have ever tasted, it is that good.

This beer stands out among its peers as an insanely drinkable beer. I could drink this for the taste every day whether this had any alcohol in it or not. I sincerely hope that Czechvar finds a way to import this beer so it will not come tainted to the American market so I can buy this and not have to worry that father skunk has come to town. I cannot recommend this beer enough. Buy it, drink it, believe!

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