Thursday, February 14, 2008

Miller Lite Brewers Collection Amber

'An authentic amber lager brewed with a distinctively rich finish'

Before I ever had my first drink of Amber I had preconceived notions about it. I have heard rumblings on different beer blogs about how the large breweries are going to try to make craft style beers to try and bridge the vast gap between your everday drinker and beer snobs. That day has arrived my friends, that day has arrived with the Miller Lite Brewers Collection.

Everything about this beer tastes planned. The precision that Miller used to juxtapose macro and micro breweries is a marvel in itself. Slightly hoppy flavor without being too risky, a little extra malt than you would expect without it being overwhelming and the bitterness is gone by the time the aftertaste sets in. I can only imagine a bunch of men in labcoats and clipboards slapping each other on the back after creating this Frankenstein of a beer. Is that caramel I taste? Maybe a little honey? It tastes good, I will admit. It is probably one of the best beers Miller has made in years. Far and away better than your standard Miller Lite, although that isn't saying much. Is this a sign for better beers for all? The death of beers that taste like tapwater and malt? I certainly hope so.

I am not a lite beer man by any means and I think I would pick up a six pack of this here and there. it's enjoyable even though it feels like it was created by robots instead of a loving brewmaster. I am on the fence with this one but I have to recommend this based on taste alone. Thats right, recommended!

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