Thursday, February 14, 2008

Goose Island Pere Jacques

Wow, this stuff is very sweet, but not sugar packets sweet more of a nectar sweet. If you read my blog you have probably noticed I am not often a fan of this type of beer. Pere Jacques is an exception to this rule because it is very much to my liking but I am having trouble pinpointing exactly why. There is a shit ton of malt in this, to use the scientific measurement. The enzyme looking stuff floating around in there? Whatever it is it tastes good, extremely good.
I am noticing that there is very little citrus in this compared to most Belgian style brews. Maybe thats it, maybe that is what sets Pere Jacques apart from its peers. This is also the smoothest 9% ABV beer I have ever tasted, I didn't even realize the high alcohol content until I read the bottle. That is very rare indeed.

This beer is interesting stuff. I want to drink more of it because it is so complex, it feels like I could spot a different flavor every beer. This beer is also $11 for four bottles. Four bottles! You get what you pay for, in the case of Goose Island's Pere Jacques you get a lot. Definitely not something you get drunk on, something you drink to enjoy. Recommended.

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