Thursday, February 14, 2008

Miller Lite Brewers Collection Blonde Ale

'Brewed with roasted malts and a signature blend of hops for a refreshing, bold taste'

This basically is what I expect when there is a large brewery making an ale. This is easily one of the wateriest ales I have had in quite some time. If you handed me this beer and asked me to do a blindfold taste test to tell you what it tasted like I would answer Amstel Light.

By now you should have stopped dry heaving so we can start again with my opinions on this beer. It is boring, just that. It's not terrible, its not great- it's not even bad or good. Miller Lite Brewers Collection Blonde Ale tastes more like its popular cousins in the Miller family than a craft brew like it advertises. Think slightly better than Miller Lite, which in case you didn't realize it, is an insult. The Amber was a much better beer and will make the cut with the target demographics I hope, instead of this 'Ale'. Not Recommended!

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