Monday, February 4, 2008

Trader Joe's 2007 Vintage Ale

'The Trader Joe's 2007 Vintage Ale is a brown Belgian-style ale of great distinction produced by traditional top fermentation methods resulting in a...' This goes on for three more paragraphs. At the risk of not being consistent with my posts I am going to cut this introduction short. It was seriously that damn long.

At $5 a bottle this stuff is a pretty good deal at 750 ml. I purchased this as an impulse buy but was happy when I read the bottle (quite a wordy bottle) and found out Trader Joe's contracted Unibroue to make this ale for them. Unibroue
was was one of the first 'specialty breweries' I got into five or six years ago so I have fond memories of their products.

The Trader Joe's 2007 Vintage Ale is a good solid drink but I think that is because it takes very few chances. I mean its made for a grocery chain, how risky can it get? For a 'Belgium style' ale this beer is not nearly as sweet or fruity as I would expect, which to tell you the truth makes me enjoy it more. The high alcohol content (9% ABV) is partly masked by the sweetness and slight maltiness of this brew. All in all I find this beer to be a very good but not great ale, but its price point definitely makes it worth your while. Recommended!

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