Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mountain Creek Classic Lager Beer

'Mountain Creek Classic Lager Beer starts as the purest crystal-clear water and is craft brewed in small batches. Our gold medalist brewmaster ferments only the finest sun-ripened hops & two-row malted barley to create this crisp, clean, classic lager'

It is not too often I come across a beer in a can that I am not familiar with, that territory is usually reserved for the bottled and expensive variety. I was curious when I came across Mountain Creek in my local Trader Joe's soI decided to pick up a sixer and try it. This is one of those times that I am happy Chicago is in such a close proximity to Wisconsin, beer from that brewery packed state definitely trickle down to us in good number.

Minha's Brewery has done a fine job with this lager, its quality of ingredients definitely shine through with every sip of Mountain Creek. It is crisp and semi-sweet with an aroma that reminds me vaguely of apples. After my first one I thought to myself that this beer tastes clean and then I read the can and found out they use the 'purest crystal clear water'. I really hate when I agree with advertising on products, but this one in pretty accurate when it actually talks about how the beer tastes. I have no idea how something is 'two row malted' or how sun ripening your hops makes for a better beer but I do know that this beer tastes great. So pretentious brewmaster lingo aside Mountain Creek is a light but flavorful beer that makes many other beers, especially those in cans, seem cheap in comparison. Recommended!


Polecat said...

I agree that this beer is great. So do my friends & relatives in the Chicago area. Even my wife likes it & she usually doesn't like beer! It goes down smooth & really quenches our thirst. Plus, it's a good buy at $2.99 at Trader Joe's. I usually buy a case at a time when I shop there.

Dean said...

I currently live in Madison WI and this is considered HOBO beer. This beer is the worst tasting, cheapest thing at any liquor store in WI. Honestly it tastes like near beer that has been spiked. (ie. N/A beer with alcohol injected). Its absolutely disgusting and will make you sit on a toilet for the next day. Please ignore this terrible review.

matt said...

Chill bro, everything is going to be ok. A friend of mine also had some harsh things to say about Mountain Creek that made me want to give it another try but then I decided to just move on to greener pastures. Sorry you didn't like the review. Wait, no I'm not.


Jay said...

this is the beer that me and all of my friends drink when we want to al get drunk for under 30 bucks total. At $8 a case we all throw in a few (2-3) dollars and get 3 cases. It's really terrible beer but great if you want something cheap that takes no effort to drink. I would say it is fit for chugging and shotgunning only.

Anonymous said...

I usually swear to my friends that I'll just wade in the creek by drinking a couple of them. But time and time again, I consume more than 3 and I end up drowning in it. Proceed with caution.