Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baltika 8 Wheat Ale

'Unfiltered Wheat Ale. Contains special yeast which gives it cloudiness and creates a rich taste. This beer is brewed for you!
The ingredients are water, wheat malt, pilsner malt and caramel malt and hops.'

I have never had a wheat ale brewed in Russia before, so I thought this would be interesting at least. Interesting indeed. This is probably the worst wheat beer I have ever had.... No this is definitely the worst wheat beer I have ever had. I have this awful habit of smelling beer before I take my first sip. With Baltika 8 I got a nosefull of straw and cabbage, one of the oddest scents I have witnessed in a long time. Sadly, it only tastes slightly better than it smells.

I know I go on rants when I really dislike a beer, but Baltika 8 is fucking horrid. There is something very off with this beer, like it was brewed with dirty dishwasher or had been left out in the sun for a few weeks. I am very disappointed, for a few reasons. Will I ever find a beer from Eastern Europe that is worth a damn besides Czechvar? I also bought three other pints of Baltika products... This ought to be a fun week!

Not recommended!

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Gantry said...

I collect beer bottles and as a result I've tried a bunch of Baltikas because they are easy to get in single bottles and cheap.

Don't think I've ever liked any of them, most were pretty bland but after drinking 4-5 different ones I am thoroughly unimpressed...