Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bayhawk California Pale Ale

I should have been wary when I read 'California Pale Ale' but this package was of two bombers, two glasses and a bottle opener for $14.99. I am a sucker for deals I guess.

This beer wasn't what I was expecting from a pale ale, but it was a 'California Pale Ale' so warning lights should have been flashing in my head. Whenever things are marketed as being from California I usually find them to be bland, soulless affairs designed for rich white entrepeneurs. Bayhawk isn't a very good example of this, but it is sure watered down for a pale ale. I drank this beer waiting a kick that never came, but it still had some decent flavors swirling around in there. Bayhawk CPA has a nice herbal finish that helps you to forget how mediocre the body of it is. The taste of this beer is more sour than hoppy, which I really didn't care for. I think going from something as extreme as the Racer No 5 to this really pointed out the weaknesses of Bayhawk CPA.

It's OK. Thanks for the keychain bottle opener guys! I love value packs!

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