Saturday, March 15, 2008

Great Lakes Conways Irish Ale

That's Six down! I will be wrapping this up on Monday, since tomorrow I am going to Stout Fest at the Goose Island brewpub. Jealous? I'll take pictures so it will be like you were there.

Great Lakes Conways Irish Ale is a nice sipper of a beer. You can tell right away that Great Lakes takes a lot of time and effort selecting its ingredients. Roasted malts give it a nice bite with a velvety finish. Yeah I just said 'velvety', deal with it. I always taste caramel in this style of beer, which saves it from being too bland. You get a sense that this beer is far more traditional than a lot of the other beers that cash in every St Paddy's day. Maybe not traditional, but a loving take on a culturally significant beer style. Great, now I sound like a beer snob and a socialogist. I really need to start drinking more cheap beer.

This is one of the better 'Irish Style' red ales I have had, but man am I bored with this type of beer. If you are even the slightest bit of a fan of red ales, grab this beer the first time you see it. Conway's is well crafted, tasty and reasonably affordable there really aren't many reasons not to try it. Oh wait... this is a seasonal beer that is only available January through April. I just read that on the bottle, why the hell do I never read bottles? So if you are in the mood for this kind of beer I would hurry up as I am sure production has ceased and the last few sixers are waiting to be plucked up by the likes of you. There is always next year though!


sonnett said...

This is the only Irish Ale I will drink. I'm glad its only available 3 months, or I probably wouldn't like it as much.

sonnett said...

I do like this beer a lot. But glad its only available for 3 months a year.