Friday, March 14, 2008

Rogue Kells Irish Style Lager

'European-style pilsner brewed with Great Western 2-row, French Carapilsner malt, Sterling hops and Czech pilsner yeast. Kells Irish Lager undergoes one week of primary and 5 weeks of secondary fermentation and weighs in at 11.5 degrees plato with 25 International Bittering Units.'

Fake Irish no 5! (Not to be confused with the Gary Glitter song Rock N Roll no 5, this is not a peddy blog. But we don't judge.)

Man this is some smooth drinking beer! It has a little citrus zest in the aftertaste but otherwise its a rather plain but extremely clean tasting lager. I don't know what is so particularly 'Irish' about this beer, but thats just fine since I don't particularly like the Irish. When I have a craving for a lager this is exactly what I am looking for- easy drinking, refreshing, not too hoppy with a medium alcohol content.

Because of this I could probably not pick this beer out of a taste test, its similar to a lot of other brews. Unlike much of the Rogue lineup this beer doesn't appear to be trying to make some type of 'statement' or some such shit. Its as if they dedicated their time to make an extremely accessable beer instead of something that will make beer geeks use the word 'amazing' three times a paragraph. I would definitely pick this up here and there when lager is the beer of the day.


CorrND said...

All of Rogue's beer labels are cool, but I particularly like this one!

matt said...

They definitely aren't lacking in style, thats for sure