Thursday, March 13, 2008

Killians Irish Red

'Rich amber color and a thick, creamy head. Introduced into the U.S. in 1981. Gold medalist (amber lager) at 1998 World Beer Cup.'

This beer isn't as bad as it gets a rap for, but it sure as hell isn't wonderful. I remember going to a keg party a few years back and thinking it was neat that this stuff was on tap instead of say... Miller Lite. I think that was the first, and probably last, time I ever said 'Oh cool, Killians!'.

This stuff is the perfect example of fake Irish beer. The spices taste kind of chemical, its watery and it is insanely drinkable. This is not a beer you order if you are the kind of guy who smells his beer and likes to take in all the flavors, this is a beer you order to pound until you get drunk. It's as boring as all the drunk white people that will be pouring out of bars this weekend. I could see this maybe being a go to beer for someone who really likes Irish red ales. Oh wait, this is a lager? Well I should have known that, it says right on the damn bottle.

So yeah, if its the best option at your neighborhood Bennigans, go Killians Irish Red. It's inexpensive, decent and easy to find. You will have to be in a particularly shitty liquor store for this to be the best beer available, but it will do the trick if it is. Not a glowing recommendation now is it?


on-the-rocks said...

IMHO, besides Coors Winterfest, Killians is the most flavorful of the "standard" lineup of beers from Coors (not including the Blue Moon varieties).

matt said...

Do you recommend winterfest? Might be a little too hard to find now actually

on-the-rocks said...

I don't recall when was the last time we had it in Georgia. It may have been Christmas before last.

I didn't mean to imply that drinking Killians was anything routine. If I am somewhere where the choices are Bud, Miller, regular Coors,...then I may drink one. Or I may just have ice tea and have a better beer at home.

CurtFlood said...

I got this for my St. Paddy's Day party this year in addition to some other commercial ponies (Blue Moon and Mich. light) and my first batch of homebrew (better than expected). I couldn't fit the keg of Killian's in my recently built 5-keg kegerator - built for smaller homebrew kegs - so I had to set it outside. This probably explains why I obstained from drinking any Killians being I fkn stalked the kegerator all night. However, I did chug quite a bit of it down before returning the keg, and it tasted like a typical fake Irish beer. Almost like they were trying to go Irish, but at the same time trying not to offend anybody with real bold flavors. IMO, a true Irish beer should try to offend everybody at the party and then pass out by himself in a dark corner.