Sunday, April 13, 2008

America's Brewing Co Walter Payton Pilsner

This is perhaps the hoppiest pilsner I have had the good fortune to come across. Nice, well rounded, very little malt with a good kick to it. This stuff is pretty basic, but its good, damn good. I am reminded more of an American pale ale more than any form of pilsner, which definitely appeals to me more. I have trouble believing this is a lager!

This stuff is affordable too! at $5.99 a six pack you really good do much worse than the Walter Payton Pilsner. I hope to check out their brewpub in the wonderful Aurora Illinois in the next few months. I will pick up growlers. It will be glorious.


Stephen said...

let's take a trip back home and hit that place up. then we can hit the shore club across the street and pick up some busted chicks that lost it all at the casino.

matt said...

Those girls might think they have nothing to lose, but we play for keeps!