Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goose Island on Clybourn closing over lease

I stole this little tidbit from our friend over at BrewBits. This bums me out for numerous reasons. Not only is this place in walking of my apartment the other location is in the most hated neighborhood of Wrigleyville. Looks like I am going to have to start going to Piece now! I hope I can find an off day for them, Sundays maybe? That place is chock full of yuppies at all hours.

RIP Goose Island Clybourn, hope you guys can find a new location!


matt said...

'tidbit from brewbits'? talk about bad writing!

Anonymous said...

This is very sad news for many locals. Clybourn is such a great, comfortable space and I've always admired the huge, old, wooden bar.

It's a shame since Goose Island was instrumental in reviving the area that it now finds too expensive in which to remain.