Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rock Bottom Lombard

Even though Rock Bottom is a chain they are not all created equally. Some of their locations give off more of a 'sports bar' feel than others, which really isn't my scene. I am all up for checking out a brew pub though so when the Mrs. asked if I wanted to go to the Rock Bottom in Lombard I was all for it. This turned out to be one of the good Rock Bottoms! Happy day!

The first beer of the night was the Powerhouse Pale Ale. It was fairly mild for a Pale Ale, but I was expecting that from an APA in the first place so that was fine. It didn't overpower the asiago dip we had as an appetizer, which I am glad for since that dip kicked ass. Not my favorite of the beers I had on this trip but it was a decent, albeit rather pedestrian, American Pale Ale. I kind of wish I went with the Line Drive because it is baseball season but A) it is a light beer and B) buying things just because they have a baseball theme has burned me numerous times. Still, I was plenty happy with the Powerhouse.

Next up was the Pierrot, one of the specials going on right now (I believe at every location, but I may be wrong). Our waiter recommended it and I have little experience with French style beer so I decided to go for it. This is one nut-tastic malt filled beverage my friends. It was good, but very much not my style. Malted nuts in a glass with a high alchohol content that could get your head spinning. That really makes it sound much worse than it was, sorry Pierrot. The older I get the more I realize I just don't like or dislike things from France or in the French style. This is something worth trying as it is unique and not a red cent more expensive than their standards.

The 'Seasonal Wheat' didn't get a good picture taken because I tore right into it. This was my favorite beer of the night by far, enough for me to grab one a growler of it (for nine dollars!). Our waiter explained to me this was a special batch with 'extra hops' and he meant it! This was easily the hoppiest wheat beer I have had by a wide margin. Great stuff, nice citrus and floral aftertaste right after an electric kick of hops. This slight deviation on a pretty standard recipe really made the night. This was an awesome beer.

Picture of a happy fat man. Compared to most Rock Bottoms the staff here was very helpfull and there were tons of old people. Old people are always a good sign of quality food and a relaxed vibe. They are also not in a fraternity.

Rock Bottom Lombard is not a place I would go to for a hell raising time, but it sure is a great idea for when you want to kick back and have a nice beer with some quality bar food. I am hoping the Pierrot doesn't last too long though- the French clown logo draped all over the place is a little unsettling. Yeesh.



kristina said...

we're not married creep

matt said...

Thats what she said!

Anonymous said...

Since when are you not a sports bar and frat kind of guy?

Chipper (Dave) said...

Rock Bottom's beers tend to vary a lot depending on where you go. I recently did a tasting of a Rock Bottom near Loveland, Colorado. They had over 11 different beers. It pays to talk directly with their brewer if he/she is around as they will sometimes offer you a sample of a beer they haven't released yet. I tend to believe many of these restaurants share the same recipes but tend to call them something a bit different depending on the region you are in. Some beers are good and some are just so so. I've yet to find one that was truly exceptional though.

Anonymous said...

this is hollie .. i'm sad that you didn't mention me in your blog .. =(

CorrND said...

Good to hear you've got a cool local Rock Bottom! Indy's downtown location has 6 regulars, 1 or 2 specials (occasionally they'll have 3) and 1 cask-conditioned ale (again, they'll occasionally have 2).

I'm not convinced Rock Bottom's "light" is really a light beer. I think it's just a straight lager and they put the word "light" on it so they have something to point to when someone comes in looking for Bud/Miller/Coor's Light. They call it Circle City Light here and I've had it once. I'm not a huge fan of lager in general, but it's decent.