Friday, April 18, 2008

Wychwood Hobgoblin

Another beer I purchased solely based on its name. Hobgoblins? That rules! Pour me one of those!

I think this is a beer I would not have enjoyed just a matter of months ago, well in fact I know I didn't. This is not my first run in with Hobgoblin and the first time did not go so well. Too much malt in this stuff! The malt runs runs roughshod over all the other flavors making this a smooth but kind of bland beer. You know, that really doesn't bother me so much since the flavors being covered up are very nutty and sweet. Not my two favorite flavors, which if you read this blog you will have heard probably that fact a dozen times. Somehow Hobgoblin pulls it all together and still comes out with a drinkable beer, even for someone who isn't into the style.

I know some people who love this beer, and I can see why. It is well crafted and tasty, just not my style at all. If I had a buddy ask me what my favorite extremely malty beer was I would go with the Hobgoblin.

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