Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flossmoor Station

I was extremely excited to finally check out the Flossmoor Station Brewery Pub since their beers at Stout Fest were pretty great. We opted to drive even though this place is almost connected to the Metra Station.

The beers here come in three sizes 12, 16 and 22 ounces. The 22 ounce beer is easily the most economical at a little over five dollars! I decided to go with some of their standard beers to get an idea of what they serve all year round.

'Our lightest beer, the Zephyr is a light and refreshing golden blonde ale in the style of premium american beer. Brewed with 3 varieties of hops and a touch of rice, this light golden ale provides a smooth introduction to the distinctive flavor of our premium quality handcrafted beers.'

The Zephyr is a pretty good beer to start your night off with. Its tart with a little bit of hops but it still is a smooth drinker. Refreshing stuff, nice palatte reset and it goes well with food which is great for a brew pub.

My only gripe with this beer is towards the end of the glass I was getting bored with how plain the Zephyr is. I was ready to move on to my next beer, maybe something a tiny bit more interesting.

'A golden, flavorful, and crisp light ale brewed with 33% wheat malt, our Station Master Wheat is distinguished by a hoppy yet smooth taste with a malty body and a subtly spicy aroma.'

All the hoppy wheat beers I have had recently makes the Station Master pretty tame in comparison. There is a good amount of orange zest in this beer that somehow doesnt add much of a kick.

This is your standard wheat beer, exactly what you would expect to the letter when you order a wheat beer. No chances taken here, which wasn't exactly what I was looking for after the Plain Jane Zephyr. I was very tempted to order the X-IPA after this but I wanted to stick with the standards. That and the X-IPA wasn't available in the giant economy glass!

'Our Panama Limited Red is a hoppy, robust yet smooth amber ale brewed with nine different malts and four types of hops. With its deep amber color and rich malty body, our Panama Limited Red will smoothly transport you into the wonderful world of complex and flavorful handcrafted beers.'

I am not a fan of red ales, but if they all tasted like this one I sure as hell would be. Very hoppy for a red ale and a lot less malty than I am used to. Panama Limited Red Ale is a very unique beer. A nice range of spices really make this an interesting drink.

This was my favorite beer of the night, which I have to admit was kind of a letdown. I was looking for a knockout beer and ended up with a lot of tame but drinkable brews. I hope I am not turning into a hop head! Please no!

The entire night was a let down to tell the truth. The food was mediocre and the choo choo noises were getting on my nerves after an hour or so. Flossmoor gave me the impression that they are making a bid to be the next brew pub chain. I can't put my finger on why, there was just something mediocre about every aspect of the place. My expectations were probably set too high. I will be giving this place another shot in the future and look forward to seeing their newly bottled beers in stores but I doubt I will be raving about Flossmoor the way many do. You seriously cannot go wrong with those prices though! I should have taken it a little easier with them because, shit, its $5 for the equivalent of two drinks!

Oh yeah- Thanks to Hollie and Kristina for buying me beers!

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