Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baltika Zhigulevskoe

'This beer is prepared according to a traditional recipe and it remains one of the most popular brand names in the country. Ingredients: water, light barley malt, rice and the best varieties of hops.'

This is pure garbage. I think this is what bums in Russia must be drinking this very instant. Dirty dishwater with a hint of seaweed come to mind before all flavor is washed away as the tide of malt comes rushing in. Yes its extremely cheap, but there are much better ways to spend very little money and get drunk. Personally given the choice between this beer and a Zima at a party, I am taking the Zima. Then I am going home and finding new friends.

Baltika Zhigulevskoe is an absolute drain pour. Stay the fuck away from this beer.

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JK Wise said...

Yup. I started Highway to Ale (beer blog) just recently. I've added your blog to my links. You give good reviews. Nice to hear from you.