Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Brooklyn Pennant Ale

Baseball season has begun! Definitely my favorite time of the year. I have been saving this stuff in my fridge for when a game is on, being the sentimental guy that I am. It is a smooth, balanced beer with a little more malt and nutty than I was expecting. The malt goes a long way to counteract the other flavors but it doesnt end up making the beer taste like King Cobra or something ridiculous. Nothing extraordinary here but you cant expect every beer to blow your mind. I was expecting something a little crisper, more of a Summer brew but then I realized that pennants are won in the Fall. Stupid me, drinking this beer six months too early!

I wish Brooklyn Pennant Ale was served at ballparks rather than the swill you have to put up with. Good beer here, worth the top dollar most places ask for? Maybe not.

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