Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bell's Pale Ale

Man, there is a lot of crap floating around in this beer. According to the all knowing internet this is normal, thank god. It creeps me out every time a beer is unfiltered and looks like a petri dish when you put it up to the light. I guess I just don't like sea monkeys in my beverages.

Bell's Pale Ale is fairly tame stuff, which I am ok with. Lately all the Pale Ales I have had have been extreme hop bombs, its nice to come across one that has a little restraint. Yes, it has a bit of a kick, but it isn't overwhelming at all like so many of its kin. It's fairly drinkable, goes well with food and would be a great introduction to pale ales. I like it and I think you will as well. Bell's has another winner.

At the same time I feel as if something is missing from this beer. I am steadily getting more and more into hoppier beers, which is bothering me. I really don't want to become a 'hop head' but I see myself getting closer to that every day. The term 'hop head' sounds like what sixties parents would call beatniks. Because of this Bell's Pale Ale feels like it still has training wheels on. Hops for beginners. I am getting pretentious, I know.


Brew Bits said...

I'm a fan of this one - I hadn't noticed the sea monkeys, but I'll need to pay attention next time I have it.

matt said...

Maybe I jsut had an older batch, does that happen? Lots of 'taste particles' in there, which usually put me off. One of those things you just get used to eventually I suppose, at least you know they were never alive!

I still have no idea how people drink tequila from a bottle that has a worm in it. That is just wrong! Sounds like something out of a David Lynch film. Bleccchhh.

scottyp said...

i thought this was too bland. i love bells but this one lacked hard.

ScottyP said...

i thought this was too bland. i love bells but this one lacked hard.

matt said...

Yeah I would say this is my least favorite Bell's I have had. Still, that is saying quite a bit since it wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination.