Thursday, May 1, 2008


I used to think Blatz was made up, a generic term for all cheap beer. I mean, it sounds made up. Which sounds more like a real beer to you- Blatz or Duff?

Ok, now that that is out of the way, how does Blatz taste? Well Blatz tastes like many of the other out sourced Pabst owned beers, with a subtle twist or two. This stuff tastes a little hoppier than other cheap beers, but that isn't saying much since those said hops are of the cheap and chemical variety. Less carbonation than most macro brews is welcome, but this stuff is a little extreme in this regard. The head was gone in thirty seconds and after a commercial break (The Office is on tonight) this stuff was flat.

Surprise, surprise- Blatz is shit beer. This beer is so bereft of quality that you have to be desperate to drink Blatz. A true high school chugger here, created for (much) less discernable pallettes than someone who has had a decent brew in their life. I really wanted to like this one too, guess you can't win em all.


sonnett said...

ahh yes. My grandfathers beer of choice!

matt said...

Ha ha I bet it was better back then than it is now.