Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oranjeboom Premium Lager

Another Trader Joe's purchase here and a rather inexpensive one at that. I don't know how a six pack of tall boys from the Netherlands can sell for $5.99 but here is your proof that it is possible! The price made me a little skeptical of Oranjeboom's quality (especially since another Trader Joe's purchase, BrouCzech, was god awful) but I was only going to be out $6 in the end so what the hell.

Oranjeboom isn't bad! A clean tasting, crisp lager beer
that reminds me of Heineken with some sweet malts added in that have a miniscule amount of fruitiness. This is a nice back up beer to have kicking around in your fridge when you are in need of a simple, decent and refreshing lager. Will I be having cravings for Oranjeboom? I don't think so. Does it hit the spot on a nice breezy Spring day? Hell yes!

Tall Boys are good for when you are playing Rock Band too- fewer trips to the fridge. Oranjeboom lubricated my vocal chords just fine for my falsetto singing of Judas Priest songs. Anyone want to come over and play 'Hellion/Electric Eye' with me?


Michael said...

Thank heaven for Trader Joe's! My goodness the treasures we turn up there, and cheap! Thank you for the tip on this one, it'll go in the cart next time.

matt said...

I find them extremely hit or miss at TJ's! But when you find a good beer there it always seems like its about 3/4 the price it should have been.

sonnett said...

Nice pick up at TJ's. Ill have to try that next time if they have it.

Randerso said...

I buy it all the time at Trader Joe's Westfield, NJ store. It is good for quaffing. Be advised, however, that what you are buying is not the Netherlands product, but rather one that is brewed under license in the 'EU' (presumably the European Union). Look on the can. It may well be brewed in the UK where it is a weaker version. The UK Oranjeboom has about 4% alcohol, whereas the original Netherlands version has about 5%. At least this is what I have read on line. Can anyone confirm this?

Jeff said...

I scored a sixer of tall boys @ TJ's. They are worth the price. They go well with a side of rolled tacos. The Boom rocks!!