Thursday, May 29, 2008

Piece Brewpub Continued

I don't know how I slept on piece as long as I did. I blame the crowds. I am kicking myself for living so close to this brewpub for over a year and being scared away by the yuppies.

I decided to start the afternoon out with something light so I chose the wheat beer currently on tap- The Baron Von Awesome. I found it to be very standard except for how extremely carbonated it was. The citrus flavor combined with all the bubbles made me think of sparkling lemonade. Nice summer beer, went well with the pizza and all but still didn't have much going for it. A nice distraction, time for something more my speed.

Cue the Wingnut Double Ipa. I think Piece does an excellent job with their hoppier beers. If you read my last entry about them you might remember me raving about the You Will Fail Ale. Well, some of my friends took my advice to heart and I received the response 'its too hoppy for me' from each one. Sorry guys.

The Wingnut doesn't only double up on the hops though-there is plenty of malt added to round it out. This beer reminded me of a nice cider chock full of cinammon. More of a hoppy ale than an IPA in my book, but my friends might disagree. I was surprised to see this beer had 9% ABV to it, the alcohol is masked very well. I approve.

...And then there is the Flat Iron Stout. Guinness with a little more nuttiness and a lot more carbonation. There is the carbonation again! Chill out on the bubbles guys. I found this beer to be fairly forgettable. Not bad by any means, but nothing compared to a lot of the stouts I have had since I started this journal.

I find that Piece's beers are geared for two types of people- beer geeks and the people who come to watch sports. This seems like its for the latter. I don't see myself picking up a growler of Flat Iron any time soon, but I might grab a pint of it here and there.

I haven't had many Rye Ales so I chose the Worryin' Ale. A little experimentation never hurt anyone, right? Well I learned that I am not a fan of rye ales, at least not yet. Worryin' Ale tastes like cold Earl Grey tea to my taste buds. Does that sound like something you would want to drink?

Still this beer has some nice qualities. It's a mild, breezy, smooth drinker that I think I could get used to given time. Maybe Rye Ales are my next project, just like IPA's were at one time. That worked out well.

Great selection. See why I love this place?

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rodney said...

I'm personally a fan of what Piece offers, and by that I mean a brewpub pizzeria. The pizza is good and the beers I've tried all seem to be high quality for their style. All around a place I would frequent if I lived in Chicago. I remember being a fan of the Worryin' Ale.

That $25 growler and a pizza deal is amazing. Why must you be so awesome, Chicago??