Friday, May 2, 2008

Piece Brewpub

The You Will Fail Ale was my first beer of the afternoon and it was excellent. There is plenty of hops, spices and citrus crammed into this beer. It is a little thicker than most ales, but not in a molasses way at all. I could have drank this beer all day long and in retrospect I wish I had ordered three of these puppies. Piece has a deal on Sundays that nets you a growler and a pizza for $25 pick up. This beer is definitely growler worthy and will make for quite a few good Sunday nights. If you go to Piece and don't at least try this beer, you are really missing out. It really is that good.

In fact it is so damn superb it made the other beers I had at Piece seem mediocre in comparison. Granted I stuck to the lighter varieties in this excursion, in the next few weeks I plan to chip away at the rest of the brews they have here.

The Golden Arm is Piece's Lager, which I opted to go with once the food had arrived. I prefer milder beers when I am eating. Mild is what I got, thats for damn sure. It was nice and refreshing and was a great palate reset but I was still somewhat disappointed by how plain Golden Arm was. I don't know what I was expecting from a lager, but the You Will Fail Ale certainly raised the bar too high for Golden Arm. I remember thinking to myself 'This is the beer they make for NCAA tourneys.' So yeah, its a bland lager. Go figure. I now would like to dub all lagers 'March Madness Beer'. I hope you like the new name!

The sausage and spinach 'White Pizza' we had was insanely good. You probably figured that out by the bearded guy in the background trying to fit the entire piece into his mouth. That is Andy, you might remember him from DarkLord Day and Stout Fest pictures. He is the yin to my yang.

Collars and Cuffs Blonde Ale seemed like a nice neutral way to end the afternoon, and it was. Another thick unfiltered ale that has flavors that make it quite 'delicate'. Whereas the You Will Fail was all hops and spice the Collars and Cuffs is fruity and creamy. The malts in this beer are nice and sweet. Still a fairly balanced beer and very drinkable. This was my second favorite beer of the day, but it is a distant second behind the magnificent You Will Fail.

A nice summer beer, but with the great selection of beer on tap at Piece I doubt I will be ordering this any time soon. It is wonderful that I can walk three blocks and get a selection of Three Floyds beer on tap as well.

After having a sip of the Black Mariah and Cameltoe that they have on tap I definitely will be checking out their darker beers next time around. Yes, we sip eachothers beers. No, thats not the same as kissing.

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