Saturday, May 10, 2008

Three Floyd's Robert the Bruce

"A big malty body from chocolate and roasted malts, well balanced withjust the right combination of hops. Robust yet smooth, a true malt-lover's delight. AROMA: Full sweet malty nose, highlighting by roasted malt notes."

The first time I tried Robert the Bruce was at the Three Floyd's Brewpub on draft, and it was amazing. Every other time has been just as enjoyable, it actually makes me happier when drinking. I'm really happy that I tried this out at the brew pub since I'm typically not drawn to Scottish Ales, and if you're skittish on this type of Ale I'd recommend you try this.

Robert the Bruce is a smooth Scottish Ale, it has a hint of sweetness, is robust and somewhat malty but not overwhelming. It's red in color and smells good, supposedly it smells like malt, alcohol, and coffee, but all I'm smelling is pure greatness. After enjoying this beer, I'm interested in exploring similar ales of this variety.


JK Wise said...

I was really into Three Floyds' Robert the Bruce and Pride and Joy, before I got into more hoppy beers. I also had them at the brewery, and they were delicious. I really like scottish style/scotch ales. Robert the Bruce doesn't have as much "peaty" malt as others I have had. Founder's Dirty Bastard and Dark Horse Scotty Karate (even stronger in alcohol) are also great and in a similar style as Robert the Bruce, I think. Samuel Adams Scotch Ale is pretty good too. My favorite is still the original - Belhaven. Especially when I just want to chill with a lower alcohol beer.

matt said...

Great comment JK, thanks for the recommendation. I love your weird beer thursdays, wish I thought of that.

Andy, I really liked this review. Thanks for stealing the 100th post from the dude who did the other 90!

I was planning on reviewing this soon, but since you were the one who gave me it its only fitting you wrote it up. It's a good beer thats for sure.

Andy said...

Whoops, sorry about that w/ the 100th post. jk_wise, I've gotta try Belhaven as I've heard good things.

Anonymous said...

Finally an Andy post!

Andy said...

Wow, someone's a fan of my rudimentary reviews?