Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goose Island Clybourn 6/20/2008

It was a nice breezy day when Kristina and I wandered into Goose Island after doing a little shopping (I bought a few videogames, like usual). A bit of a farewell visit actually, since this location is going to be closing shop in a few months and no new location has been announced.

Given the weather I decided on something light- the Midwest Wheat like a good pick. Chock full of citrus with what I imagined to be some sour apple in the aftertaste the Midwest Wheat certainly delivers the fruit. This beer was not nearly as hoppy as advertised but that didn't detract from the overall experience much. A standard wheat brew that met my expectations even if it was a bit too malty for my tastes. Definitely went well with the weather though, which is exactly what you want with this style of beer! 5.5% ABV on tap for $5 a pint.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Aviator Dopplebock- this definitely intrigued me when I saw it on the menu. At $8 it could be a bit of a budget buster but it was definitely worth it in my opinion.

Up to this point in my sudsy adventures I have only had bourbon barrel stouts so a doppelbock seemed like a bizarre combination but one that could work. Luckily the Aviator is more to my liking than a traditional doppelbock which is much sweeter and with a good amount more yeast. I find that beers that date back to the dark ages definitely benefit from an update, this beer being no exception.

So how was it? Excellent by a mile. Creamy vanilla, sweet sticky bourbon and that 9% ABV had me rambling by the time the check came. My favorite thing about this beer is that the aging process subdued all the flavors I dislike about a d-bock. The yeast was nowhere to be found rather than at the forefront, milky aftertaste rather than a dry finish and I didn't feel like someone just dumped sugar packets in my beer. All in all I was once again wowed by one of Goose Islands more artistic brews. Feel free to start posting 'fanboy' in the comments.


Generik420 said...

I keep forgetting that the Goose is closing that location down. I really need to get up there one last time before that happens. That is such an awesome brewpub, it is really a shame. That d-bock sounds pretty awesome. A bit pricey, but the serving size and the ABV seemed to justify it.

matt said...
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matt said...

Yeah they always have a pricier beer on the list but it almost always is something fairly unique and worth the money. I would rather spend the extra $3 and get the whole experience.

Anonymous said...

Both of these sound so good! I am not sure if they will live up to what I imagine they taste like or you are just a fan boy.

CorrND said...

matt, do you know exactly when the Clybourn location will close? Next time I'm in Chicago, I want to make a special attempt to go there before it closes.

matt said...

The last thing I read was October, which really isn't that far off now. They already cut their menu down to about 1/4 of its original size!

I would assume the special batches aren't going to be around too much longer either. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if something special was in the works.