Friday, June 6, 2008

Rogue Shakespeare Stout

"Rogues Shakespeare Stout is ebony in color, a rich creamy head and a mellow chocolate aftertaste. It is made from Northwest Harrington, Crystal, and Chocolate malts, roasted barley and rolled oats, along with Cascade hop. Shakespeare Stout is available in the classic 22-ounce bottle, a commemorative 3-litre bottle with ceramic swing-top, and on draft."

This is a pretty good, smooth stout. I recently realized that I can't drink stouts in the warm weather, I get more active, actually leave my house, and want something a bit lighter. It's too bad because this is a pretty good one, although nothing is jumping out at me. There's the chocolate and malt undertones, has a rather smoky flavor, but then again so do hundreds of other stouts out there. I'll probably pick this up again towards the end of the year as it's a modest price for a good beer.

On a side note, I just flipped the channel and saw Mankind as a WWE commentator. Man, how much does that guys life suck? He's got like 6 teeth left and has a life commitment to that traveling circus.

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Amateur said...

Great blog!

I tried this beer about a month ago, picked it up at a local Trader Joe's. I can't say I'm in love with it, but it certainly has good flavor and it's not too thick.

There's something about stouts, they're either flavorless or overwhelming. I had a Black Boss Porter (Poland) and I felt like it was too strong, the flavors were so deep it tasted almost rotting.

Keep reviewing the dark stuff!