Sunday, June 8, 2008

Piece Capn' Kickass Double IPA

Getting sick of all this Piece coverage? Well it isn't going to end any time soon guys. You see they have this deal on Sundays- $25 gets you a growler and a huge pizza. Excellent beer and excellent pizza? Count me in.

Today when I called up Piece had an almost completely different line up of beers than they did last week. Its great that they have a rotating beer list and all except that it rotates so damn fast. The bartender, who I was speaking to, was extremely helpful when I asked him for something 'hoppy' and 'light'. Capn' Kickass it is.

The strange thing about this beer is that it doesn't taste very hoppy at the onset and then it all comes rushing at you like a bitter wave of hops. I find it enjoyable, but you might not if you aren't into the bitter. I taste some caramel in there somewhere as well and some strange flavor that reminds me of ciabatta bread. Bizarre it but it works just fine. This is a good beer and easily in my top three Piece beers, which at this point is saying quite a bit. Pretty looking thing isn't it? Amber in color, a nice thick head to it and some sexy lacing.

It also went well with this movie.

Musical pairing: Blue Oyster Cult- Fire of Unknown Origin (aka the one with the synthesizers)


dystopianutopian said...

your blog makes me want to go to piece at least 2 times a week. Thanks, Sears. Now I'm going to be a broke fatty. But at least I'll be a broke fatty enjoying delicious beers.

matt said...

It was fairly random running into you there on a ... was it a Monday afternoon?

Thanks for all the recent beer tips btw.