Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heilemans Old Style

Man that photo didn't look that dark on the camera screen. Hell, it was only like 6:00 PM and the sun was out. Can't win them all I guess!

Living in Chicago you are absolutely bombarded with Old Style. Both baseball teams serve it at their stadiums, it is constantly on sale at Jewel Osco and every bar has 'Old Style Specials' (Usually the day after the PBR special, in the middle of the week of course). If you live in Chicago and also drink beer, you know what Old Style tastes like.

Right now I am on a fairly tight budget so when I saw an Old Style 24oz Can for $1.49 I really could not pass that up. I mean that is a steal, right? Well, not really, but it will do.

Old Style was a staple of my diet in my late teens/early twenties which made me thoroughly sick of it, but I still crack one open from time to time. My palate has apparently changed in the last couple of years because I can't understand what the appeal of Old Style was, except for the price. It's watery and tastes as if it is artificially flavored. Chemical induced hoppiness? Your standard ABV of 5%. It's a thin, boring beer... But its on sale for $11.99 for a 30 pack brah!

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