Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am usually not a fan of any beer from Belgium as they are usually far too sweet for me. Something I am working on, but it is certainly taking awhile. Hoegaarden, although technically a Belgian White, tastes a lot like a wheet beer to me with a lot of added lemon zest. In fact it sort of reminds me of the lemon-beer I had last month but not nearly as extreme in the lemonade department. More of an ingredient than a motif, which I appreciated. This beer goes down smooth, almost like it is 'softer' than most beers.

Hoegaarden looks great, thats for damn sure. The extremely fluffy head goes well with the thick, (mostly) unfiltered yellow body. Good summer beer if you are looking for something refreshing and sweet but not overly sugary.

I just did some fact checking and discovered that a 'white beer' is the exact same thing as a 'wheat beer' in Belgium. I learned something today. Hopefully I don't forget it after this weekend....

Musical Pairing: Golden Earring- Moontan (foreign as hell but still knows how to rock and roll)


Ian EBH said...

Had this for the first time at the Battle of the Beers in Plainfield yesterday. It was definitely the crowd favorite. It wasn't really my favorite, but was one of the high-ranking beers on my list for the day.

matt said...

I liked this beer but I really don't see myself choosing it over a domestic wheat beer. There is a lot of better stuff out there.

I didn't know Plainfield had a 'battle of the beers'! But then again the last time I spent more than an hour there I was in HS.

Michael said...

Like you, I'm not a fan of the Belgian beers and this one tasted too much like sausage. Perhaps a result of some of its spicing. I made the mistake of buying it in a six pack and had to finish all six (of course). Don't know that I'd buy it in bottles again but might try it as a draft some day.