Thursday, June 19, 2008

Special Export

'You don’t have to “hop the pond” or buy an expensive import to experience real European beer flavor. Special Export and Special Export Light have been brewed in LaCrosse, Wisconsin for more than half a century and are crafted to be crisp and smooth with a true European taste profile. You can travel the world over and never find a better beer!' From

Now this is an old man's beer! A musty tasting, straw colored lager that doesn't taste European whatsoever! Give me some more of that, right?

I have never been a big fan of Special Export but I decided to give it a shot last weekend when I was looking for a cheap beer to get me through the weekend. Although I wouldn't say I regret my decision I will say that I am still not very fond of this brew. When I think of a European beer I think of a nice clean, crisp lager that goes down extremely smooth (thats what the commercials taught me at least). Special Export is another Pabst brewing company tap water and hops beer that has been tweaked just a bit so it will appeal to the senior citizen demographic. I am not disrespecting my elders here, sorry if it seems that way, but the old men at the local watering holes love this stuff.

I on the other hand, do not love this stuff. I have never had a Special Export (can or bottle) that didn't taste a bit stale. Maybe moth balls are one of the secondary ingredients, or they just sell so little of this stuff that it takes five years to get to me. Its cheap and it has your standard 5% alcohol content, thats the real selling point there. I purchased a twelve pack for $6 a week ago and I would say I got exactly what I paid for.

Musical Pairing: Rick Springfield- Working Class Dog (old, watered down and in the bargain bin)


Generik420 said...

HAHA that is my dad's beer of choice when he heads out to the dive bars in Chicago. I can drink it myself, but I find it overly sweet for some reason. Compared to some of the other Pabst family of beers, I think this one is down the list for me. I would take a Stroh's, PBR, Olympia, or Old Style over this. Although when I am out with my dad, I usually do order one of these with him.

BTW, I am 99% sure that Special Export is no longer brewed in LaCrosse, WI as that brewery was sold and is now City Brewing. It's a shame, I toured the old Heileman brewery years ago and it was pretty cool back in the day.

matt said...

Yeah I would not be surprised since hasn't had an overhaul since 2005! Get with the program, this is the internet age!

Rice said...

This is my favorite beer, I don't remember why, though...