Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dixie Brewing Company Blackened Voodoo Lager

Another gift from my father, thanks dad!
This brewing Company has had some misfortune in its past which makes me want to give it a favorable review, but I just cannot do that in good conscience. I like to root for the underdog in most cases but this beer does not do it for me whatsoever.
Blackened Voodoo makes me think of cold, stale tea with a little bit of alcohol splashed in. There is a lot about this beer that tastes 'cheap' to me, but that might be the fact that it is lager from Wisconsin.
This is going to be one of those beers I leave in my fridge until company comes over and I can pawn it off on them. I don't foresee myself drinking my whole six pack myself, but who knows? They might just like it.
Musical pairing: Blues Traveler- Save His Soul


Anonymous said...

You have no compassion.

matt said...

Its a product and I didn't like it. I made a point of bringing up their recent troubles so feel free to make all your purchasing decisions on who has had it rough the last decade or so.

Chipper Dave said...

30 beers a week and still lost 12 pounds? You must be a calorie incinerator Matt! Share your secrets would ya?

matt said...

I just got sick of being as fat as I am for no reason other than the fact that I eat horribly and have a sizeable beer intake. Nowadays I just watch what I eat six out of seven days a week and make sure that I keep active. Less videogames, I walk home from work (a little under two miles) and jog very periodically. Lets just say I am still twenty pounds heavier than you and have a lot of work ahead of me.

Now if I quit the beer... but that isn't going to happen.

Stephen said...

your response to the first comment was very funny to me.

Stephen said...

also, blues traveler??

matt said...

Yeah, Blues Traveler isn't good.